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Asset Forfeiture Attorney

Why Does the Government Do This?

In order to curtail criminal activity, the Government engages in taking assets (Asset Forfeiture) which they believe was used in a criminal enterprise. In order to accomplish this goal, they can take tools of activity such as property, equipment, cash, and even products themselves, from the alleged criminals or the criminal organization, rendering the criminal organization powerless to operate.


Can I Fight My Asset Forfeiture Case?

If your Assets have been forfeited you may be asking yourself, can I do anything about this? You may be surprised to learn that these cases differ from normal criminal cases in that the Government can take your property without ANY KIND OF CONVICTION or even before you have a hearing!

Fortunately, we can help! And the time to contact our law firm is NOW! There are strict timelines that apply or you may not be able to recover your property in a asset forfeiture proceeding. These timelines apply both to the if a claim is going to be filled with a governmental agency or through the Court. If you want the best chances at recovering your property when your assets have been forfeited, we recommend the use of a lawyer. Our law office is familiar with asset forfeiture proceedings and will fight to recover your assets that have been unjustly taken.

To simplify the typical forfeiture process, the standard is not beyond a reasonable doubt (which is required in criminal cases) for the Government to prove that the property should be forfeited or seized. It is a lesser standard, which makes it easier for the Government to win. Therefore in asset forfeiture, the Government only needs to feel that the seized property is subject to forfeiture. Under asset forfeiture law the best strategy is to trace the proceeds to a legitimate purpose and not to a bank account or a relative.

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