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Corona DUI Lawyer

Many good people are facing serious charges, both DUI and criminal in Corona and throughout the Inland Empire. If you arrested for a drunk or drug driving, or other criminal charges, it is critical that you hire a qualified lawyer in order to fight to reduce the damage to your personal and professional reputation that result from a DUI conviction. If you have been arrested and charged with DUI, it is vital that you contact defense attorney / lawyer Bobby Shamuilian. He has extensive experience in defending even the most serious of DUI offenses, and will advise you how he will defend your case, personally.

Most clients that have been charged with drunk driving are regular, everyday, hard-working people who have gotten caught up in the system’s gantlet. Bobby Shamuilian will fight to have your case resolved. Visit him at his Rancho Cucamonga office.

Getting convicted of a DUI charge causes the judge to sentence you to minimum penalties including taking your license(s), fine and insurance payments, jail time, community service and treatment programs. As a result, it is critical to contact a Corona DUI Lawyer such as Bobby Shamuilian, to handle the matter for you professionally.

If you are ever suspected of DUI in Corona or other crimes in Corona, you don’t want to talk to the police about anything until you’ve discussed your rights with your Corona DUI Lawyer. You should give the officers your license, registration and insurance, but not answer questions about what you’ve been doing. Everything you say will be included in the police report especially if it will help the officer prove the crime charged.

Obtaining experienced and aggressive legal representation in Corona will assist you in sorting out the matter, no matter how bad it appears. Let us keep your sake of mind while making sure you are protected. In DUI offenses, you deserve a better outcome. A Corona DUI Lawyer will get it for you.

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