Warrant Recall Lawyer


Outstanding Warrants

When it comes to the law, everything must be done in a timely manner. From a traffic violation, to court ordered alimony, delinquent payments have calamitous consequences.  Your family life and employment can all be put at risk.  Without a moment’s notice, you can be taken into custody by law enforcement.  Procrastination is not the answer in any scenario with a warrant. Contact our competent criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible, and do it RIGHT AWAY. Waiting until after you or a loved one is arrested will weaken your chances of an optimistic outcome.

Our attorneys will arrange a surrender date with the courts in order to avoid the humiliation of a public arrest. We CARE about your rights and will discuss negotiations with the courts to help you keep your freedom while your delinquency is rescheduled and dealt with properly.



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