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 If you are charged with a DUI in West Covina and don’t have a lawyer, you may feel that your life is out of control. You may feel lost and scarred after being arrested for a DUI in West Covina. This is how many feel without a lawyer of attorney. It is my job as an DUI defense lawyer to help people when they are in this moment in their lives to move forward. What you need to do is “lawyer up.” Don’t talk any further with the police and definitely do not talk with the prosecutor or make any statements in court without a reputable and experienced criminal defense attorney at your side and on your side. Court is not like getting in trouble as a teenager in school.

In school you could “come clean” about what you had done wrong and for the most part, little would happen or you would be forgiven. Not so in court. You are no longer a child. And, the law is not a forgiving parent or caretaker. Rather, the law punishes people and costs people their jobs and careers, ability to drive, large sums of money, freedom and much more.

I say this because good people often get some of the worst outcomes in criminal court, unless they have caring and willing attorneys by their side. Such people may expect the court to reward them for being honest and responsible. Frequently, the legal system does not do so. While in court, we regularly see good people accidentally convict themselves or make their punishment worse.

I do not let my clients do this. Mostly, it is best for accused persons to “remain silent” in court and to talk through their lawyers. Now you know another reason that you want to have the best DUI defense attorney. Your attorney is going to be talking for you to the prosecutor and the judge, or even the jury. Your lawyer is quite literally representing you. Shouldn’t you choose the best spokesperson for you? Someone who will make you look good before the court?

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