Our Fee’s for Criminal Defense Representation

In criminal cases, we feel that you can’t afford NOT to hire your own attorney. You maybe thinking that the court will appoint a public defender for you, BUT… if the court finds that you have the ability to pay, you will be ordered to reimburse the public defender’s office for their services! With this reality in mind, wouldn’t you rather choose your own attorney, especially if you have to pay anyway.

In addition, both the public defender and the district attorney are government employees and receive their paychecks from the county. As a privately retained attorney our one and only loyalty is to you, our client.

My Rights Law Group keeps our overhead low, which allows us to keep our fees at a minimum. Consequently, you are paying only for services and not subsidizing high-rent offices or unnecessary staff members.

We have no hidden fees and everything is disclosed up front when we sign our retainer agreement. We are confident knowing exactly how much to charge for each case and commit to that specific amount.

Our fee is based solely upon the nature of your case and how much time it will take to handle your case.