• How Covid-19 Has Affected Criminal Justice In California

    By |Published On: Oct 2, 2020|Categories: Criminal Defense|

    How Covid-19 Has Affected Criminal Justice In California Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on our daily lives, with more than 212,000 deaths attributable to the virus coming from the United States alone. Unprecedented and sweeping changes have been made in just about all industries and sectors including the criminal justice system, where California courts have been shut down for months and have become backlogged with [...]

  • My Rights Law: COVID-19 Pandemic Helping Criminal Cases in California

    By |Published On: Mar 24, 2020|Categories: Criminal Defense|

    Bobby Shamuilian, Criminal Defense Attorney - The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis Can Actually Help Your Criminal Case Due to the Coronavirus, now is one of the best times to wrap up cases, deal with probation violations, resolve outstanding warrants, clear holds on your license, failure to appears and, most importantly, negotiate plea deals! According to criminal lawyer Bobby Shamuilian of , "Courts across California [...]

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