• Charged With Embezzlement In California

    By |Published On: Sep 2, 2021|Categories: Criminal Defense, Financial Crimes, White Collar Crimes|

    Charged With Embezzlement In California California law defines embezzlement as “the fraudulent appropriation of property by a person to whom it has been entrusted.” Considered a “white-collar crime,” embezzlement is different from theft because the stolen property was being legally held by the embezzler. In other words, the embezzler had some sort of custody or control over the property or money in question, like [...]

  • Arrested For Theft In California?

    By |Published On: Aug 19, 2021|Categories: Criminal Defense, Theft Crimes|

    Arrested For Theft In California? Nearly everyone is taught early in life that taking things that belong to someone else is wrong. People who ignore this lesson of youth and steal things that belong to another person may be charged with theft. Under California law, theft entails wrongfully taking another person’s money, real property, or personal property. Not paying a person for their labor [...]

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