• Woman sues San Diego County over father’s death in jail

    By |Published On: Aug 2, 2022|Categories: Criminal Defense|

    Photo Credit: Jennifer Schmidt Woman sues San Diego County over father's death in jail A woman is suing San Diego County after her fathers untimely death while in the custody of the County jail. Cases like this is why our firm My Rights Law fights for our clients' and their liberties with everything we have. Daughter of man who died in jail says deputies mistook [...]

  • Inmates Overdose At Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail

    By |Published On: Apr 12, 2022|Categories: Criminal Defense|

    Inmates Overdose at Los Angeles Men's Central Jail If you're thinking that your possible jail time isn't that big of a deal, it's time you rethought your circumstances. Our criminal defense attorneys have helped thousands of clients stay out of jail and we could help you too! The following article from ABC7 shows what could happen to you if you get thrown in jail. 5 [...]

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