Annual Events in Los Angeles

Besides being the World’s center of entertainment and an overwhelmingly interesting tourist attraction site, Los Angeles, California has more to offer. Most people are drawn here by the physical attraction but what they don’t realize is that the city also has a beautiful cultural scene that is as interesting as any of its other attractions. The city features many annual events that are open to the public and if you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of one of your favorite Hollywood celebrities at one of these events.  Below some of the events you should consider checking out during your stay in the “City of Angels”:

Shriner’s Circus

The popular Shriner’s Circus is an annual event organized by Shriner’s in a bid to entertain the locals and raise funds for needy children. The event takes place towards the end of January and is always the perfect way to kick-start the year. This family-friendly event charges a small entry fee but it’s worth the fun and laughter.

Los Angeles Jazz Festival

Although jazz festivals are everywhere throughout the country especially during the summer season with most of them being held outdoors, Los Angeles Jazz festival is unique in that it’s held during its one that it is held indoors and takes place during the winter season. This event takes Jazz music to a whole new level and showcases the true meaning of “cool jazz”. Held at the Laemmle Music Hall, the Jazz Festival features popular and undiscovered local artists.

The Los Angeles Hot Air Balloon Festival

Considered one of the most fascinating family-friendly events in the city, the annual hot air balloon festival showcases the launching and ascension of dozens of balloons manufactured from different parts of the world at Echo Park on an annual basis. The festival takes place in mid-march and includes other fun activities and features like rides for kids, local fare and more. The event is free and anyone can be part of the fun.

Los Angeles Taste Fest

Held at the Griffith Park on Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles Taste Fest offers you a chance to sample all the best cuisines and drinks from Southern California. It’s a perfect chance to “dine with the kings” as most of the food is prepared by chefs from high-profile local restaurants which are mainly associated with celebrities.

Other events include Los Angeles Book Fair & Sale, Abbot Kinney Festival, Hollywood Christmas Parade, Hollywood Halloween Carnival, and the Los Angeles Marathon. And you dint have to be a movie star to attend any of these events.

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