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“You need your freedom, you need your ability to drive, and you need to NOT waste valuable money on the wrong defense.”

Here in Southern California, our cars and our ability to drive are vital to everyday life. But we also live in a state that imposes some of the stiffest DUI penalties in the country. When you are faced with a DUI charge in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside or Orange County, you need an attorney who will stand up for your rights and fight for your livelihood.

We know the hardships you are likely facing if you are confronted with the possibility of a DUI charge on your record. Your career, your reputation, your finances, and your lifestyle can be significantly affected. Worst of all, depending on your unique circumstances, you may be facing the possibility of a significant jail sentence. When the stakes are this high, you need lawyers with competence, experience, and a knowledge of the system to fight on your side.

Resolving a DUI charge is a lengthy and complicated process. Bobby knows that allegations of a DUI can be one of the greatest hardships you face in life. Because they know how devastating a drunk-driving conviction can be, Bobby and the entire staff at My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys are committed to guiding you through this difficult time to make the best of an onerous situation. From representing you at your DMV hearing to providing forensic experts, the lawyers and staff at My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys are here to provide you with everything you need to get you through this difficult time.

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The Importance of the DMV Hearing: If you want to keep your license read this!

It is crucial if you are charged with a DUI violation that you contact an attorney immediately. Delay could result in costly penalties, including loss of your license to drive.

For instance, did you know that, if charged with a DUI, you must request a hearing from the Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”) within 10 days of receipt of a suspension or revocation order to prevent forfeiture of your driver’s license? Many who are charged with DUI do not know this fact and, as a result, lose their license without contest.

Do not let a lack of knowledge of the system deprive you of your rights. Even when drivers attend their DMV hearing, 98% of drivers are unsuccessful in contesting the forfeiture of license when they are not represented by an attorney. Clients who hire an experienced DUI attorney immediately after their arrest have much higher odds of a successful outcome. By contacting My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys early in your DUI case you will also gain the peace of mind of being well informed about every step of your case as it proceeds through the system. The DMV hearing is a critical part of resolving your DUI charge. It is essential that you have a qualified attorney you can trust and who knows the hearing process inside and out.

The Right DUI Defense Strategy: If you want to minimize your penalties…

My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys understands that your DUI charge deserves special consideration. The attorneys at My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys have seen numerous DUI cases. While the experience and knowledge they have acquired from their years of practice is invaluable, they also understand the unique attention that every individual circumstance demands. My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys provides a personalized defense strategy to every DUI client that walks through its doors, specially tailored to meet his or her individual needs.

The strategy we employ is dependent on individual situations. Typical strategies offered by our attorneys include:

BAC (“Blood Alcohol Content”) Analysis: My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys provides a “broad strokes” analysis of what your BAC likely was at the time of your arrest. This analysis examines factors such as the time of initial alcohol consumption, number of drinks consumed over a specified period of time, food consumption, and physiological factors to determine the likely accuracy of a BAC test taken by law enforcement after or during the arrest.

The details of this analysis may open the door for what is known as a “BAC Rising” Defense. The BAC rising defense is used to bring into question the results of a law enforcement BAC test result where a test is administered a period of time after the alleged DUI violation occurred. The timing of the administration of the test in this scenario may provide the opportunity for the BAC level in the accused to rise–sometimes significantly–above the actual BAC at the time the law enforcement officer initially stopped a driver.

In the case where one is accused of driving with a BAC that is significantly higher than the legal limit of 0.08, the BAC analysis can be used to avoid potential enhancements to a DUI charge (such as in the case of an aggravated DUI charge).

Examining Testimony of Law Enforcement: Bobby will closely question the law enforcement officials involved in your arrest to help put the ball back in your court. In implementing this strategy, we start by turning your DMV hearing from a potential hazard to a chance to hit the ground running with a solid defensive strategy. The state will use your DMV hearing to attempt to restrict your rights. We turn the tables in your favor by holding law enforcement officers to their testimony early in the game. The law enforcement officer involved in your arrest will be required to testify if Bobby calls him or her to do so at your DMV hearing. The law enforcement officer is then held to this testimony through all future hearings related to your DUI charge, including, if necessary, trial. If the officer changes his or her story from the DMV hearing, these inconsistencies can be presented as supporting evidence for your case. The longer you wait to hire an attorney who knows the DUI system, the more time you give a law enforcement officer time to build his or her story to increase the penalties against you.

Bobby wants to make sure you are not unfairly prosecuted. My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys believes that the majority of San Bernardino law enforcement officers perform a valuable service for their community and truly care about protecting its members. For a minority of officers, however, disturbing patterns, unfortunately, do sometimes arise. The attorneys and staff at My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys will investigate into the background of the officer who issued your DUI arrest to ensure you are not the victim of prejudicial conduct on the part of law enforcement.

Challenging DUI Test Administration: Bobby knows the skills, techniques, and tricks law enforcement uses against you to obtain and prosecute a DUI charge. Let them use this knowledge to your advantage. Bobby has taken the same DUI training courses as law enforcement. This inside knowledge allows Bobby to perform complex questioning of the arresting officer for your DUI, using strategies such as:

Determining whether the arresting officer, in fact, used the correct test during your DUI arrest.

If the officer did use the right test, the attorneys and staff at My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys will use their in-depth knowledge of DUI testing procedures to analyze the process followed step-by-step, to determine if the test met every single administration requirement.

Because of My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys‘s familiarity with the tests and techniques that law enforcement use during a DUI stop, Bobby is keenly aware of the inherent weaknesses present in even the best administered DUI test. They will use this knowledge to exploit the weakness in the DUI test used against you to give you the best possible chance of beating your DUI charge.

Forensic Experts: When traditional defenses are not enough to defeat your DUI charge, you need My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys‘s experience and capabilities in using forensic science to beat your charges. Now well into the 21st Century, traditional legal strategies are sometimes not sufficient to provide a full defense. My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys will hire the forensic experts you need to for a complete scientific defense.

Not all of these strategies will be appropriate for your individual case. In determining what strategy is most appropriate to you, Bobby will carefully consider the implications of all possible outcomes from your DUI case. They cannot stress enough that every DUI case is unique. This is why My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys‘s approach to your case should be completely personalized.

My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys has represented clients in DUI cases that run the gamut. Clients who have been charged with a DUI face a drastic range of potential outcomes–from serious jail time to a short-term revocation of a driving license. My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys understands that the ultimate result is what you, in the end, really care about. Because the end result is your top concern, My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys‘s top concern is getting you to the best possible end result in the most efficient way possible.

You may be not be facing incarceration, though still be subject to a short-term license revocation. My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys understands that the outcome of your case is still important. The attorneys and staff at My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys know that your ability to drive, especially in Los Angeles, is essential to your livelihood. With your concerns in mind, Bobby will take a negotiation approach to your case to prevent loss of driving privileges. Let Bobby use the rapport they have built with local prosecutors and judges over more than a decade of combined practice to help restore your driving privileges as soon as possible.

Sometimes the reality of your DUI charge makes it so that the negotiation is no longer an option. You may come to My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys facing your second, third, or fourth DUI charge. There may be serious aggravating circumstances that are impossible to avoid. If these circumstances describe your DUI charge, you may be facing serious penalties, including a lengthy period of incarceration. When your freedom is at stake, My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys believes it is time to move to a DEFCON 1 strategy.

California has some of the most severe DUI penalties in the country. When you are facing an aggravated or otherwise elevated DUI charge, you need a firm equipped and willing to pull out all the stops. My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys‘s DEFCON 1 strategy means the firm will utilize every weapon in its arsenal to fight for your rights and freedom. Forensic experts, officer background checks, independent tests, challenges, and appeals. Whatever steps are necessary to fight the imposition of full DUI penalties for your elevated DUI charges, the complete team of staff and attorneys at My Rights Law Group - Criminal & DUI Attorneys will see your case through, from beginning to resolution.

Additional Resources:

California’s driving under the influence (DUI) laws make it illegal to operate a motor vehicle if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reaches the following percentages:

– 0.08% or higher― For those who are 21 years of age or older operating a regular passenger vehicle.

– 0.04% or higher―For those who are operating a commercial vehicle.

– 0.01% or higher―For those who are younger than 21 years of age.

California DUI Penalties

A first-time DUI conviction can bring up to six months in jail, penalties that can equal $1,800, suspension of your driver’s license, installation of an ignition interlock device and you can be required to attend a DUI program. The length varies depending on factors like your BAC at the time of arrest. You will also have to file a SR-22 which can dramatically increase your insurance costs. This doesn’t take into consideration the personal and business issues which can arise, nor does it include the fees for your DUI Attorney.

2nd, 3rd and 4th-time convictions can bring far higher penalties, longer jail terms and other major consequences.

Above all, make sure that you contact a local DUI Attorney to protect your rights immediately.

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Bobby Shamuilian was Hands Down the BEST attorney I have ever dealt with. He is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, who is HONEST and not in it to try and rip you off for the money. His staff is professional and extremely pleasant. I have saved his number in my contacts and will call him if I am EVER in need of an attorney, I would also recommend him to anybody I know, he is an AMAZING attorney.
Annifred F.
Bobby Shamuilian got me 1.4 million dollars…just kidding:) He did get my reckless driving traffic violation dismissed without me having to go to court though. The staff at My Rights Law Group are very capable lovely beings… Thank you Bobby can’t tell you how much it means to me man…
Gary D.
Good attorneys are hard to find! Bobby Shamuilian actually represented me with my best interest at heart. He gave it his all and because of that my case is being dismissed today. This firm is most definitely the best one to have if you need a criminal attorney. God forbid I ever need a criminal defense attorney, I would not even consider anyone else to represent me. Absolutely an amazing attorney!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
Got my case dropped from a felony to 2 misdemeanors to having everything dismissed. Justice has been served, nothing more I could ask for! Many thanks Bobby!
Rod R.
Everyone in the office was helpful and professional. There was never a time when I thought they weren’t going to be there when we needed them. Their reputation and professionalism was the primary factor for using this law firm. Boy, were we impressed with all of the work they put into our case. Thank you to everyone in the office for always making us feel like we were your only clients!
Neckole S.
I am a person who believes in giving credit where credit is due and I absolutely need to say that Bobby is amazing. The thing that stood out about him initially was that he was actually empathetic and showed compassion about what we were going through… I would absolutely 150% recommend Bobby to any of my friends and family – he is such a genuine guy and knows how to do his job, and do it well.
Bree F.
An excellent and professional consultation followed by a successful win of my case.
Dan P.
Thank you Bobby. You guys are top notch. Kept me informed on everything that was going on with my case and I didn’t have to show up in court once. Got my case dismissed, now I can move on. I would recommend this law firm to anyone that wants a fair shake.
I would like to thank Mr. Shamuilian for helping me to get a good result for my case. They are very reliable people that kept things very professional. I recommend them strongly, they will help you tremendously. I was very lucky that I had the opportunity to work with such highly skilled people. You won’t regret hiring them, thanks again.
I want to thank Bobby and the entire staff. They recalled my warrant and got my case dismissed in no time. They answered my concerns and took me step by step in the process. I didn’t even have to appear in court. They represented me and took care of my case all the way. Thank you!!!
Suriel A.
I found myself facing a DUI and scared to death. From the very start of the initial consultation, Attorney Bobby Shamuilian put me at ease. They handled my DMV Hearing and the court proceeding and truly fought for me. They were always attentive to my phone calls and emails, keeping me informed. They were able to get me a reduced charged so that I do not have a DUI on my record. I am so thankful to have retained them for my case.
I couldn’t be happier with the service we received. From the very beginning I could tell that these lawyers knew a lot about DUI cases and throughout our court days they went above and beyond to make sure we were prepared for whatever might come our way. They definitely prepare you for the worst but get you the best. They covered every single base and we got an amazing outcome. I would recommend them any day.
I had a difficult case that I was trying to fight from outside the state it was turned down twice. Once by the DA, and the second time by the judge, they continued to fight for me, and got the results I was looking for. They really do care about their clients and will not stop fighting till they get you the results you want.
Adrian A.