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California Violent Crimes Attorney

My Rights Law Has A Proven Track Record Defending Against Violent Crime Charges

If a California prosecutor accuses you of committing a violent crime, you’ll want to get in touch with an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. Violent crimes come with lengthy prison sentences, big fines, and a host of other consequences. Fortunately, you have rights and defenses to work with. You’re innocent until proven guilty. Moreover, you’re entitled to excellent legal representation. Our violent crime lawyers at My Rights Law are here for you. Our attorneys have won numerous awards and have a solid record of getting charges dropped and cases dismissed. Contact us at (888) 702-8882 or on our secure web form for a free consultation today.

What Are Violent Crimes?

Violent crimes are crimes that a person commits using harm or threatened violence to the victim. Some experts reason that people commit violent crimes to control others or get revenge. Other experts reason that people commit violent crimes out of desperation and need (e.g., poverty, job loss, paranoia, or a wrongful belief that someone will harm them otherwise). Still other experts say that people commit these crimes due to a mental disorder. There are many reasons why a person may resort to violence. Unfortunately, the Golden State is not necessarily lenient. The state will prosecute you aggressively if they have reason to believe you’ve committed a violent crime. Thus, there’s much to be concerned about if someone accuses you.

What Are Common Violent Crimes?

Here’s a non-comprehensive list of common violent crimes.

What Are The Penalties For Violent Crimes?

Violent crimes are felonies. Most felonies come with a minimum of a three-year prison sentence. More severe felonies come with life imprisonment. Therefore, if a jury convicts you of committing a violent crime, you can expect to serve time in state prison instead of a county jail. Some violent crimes come with sentence enhancements. In other words, the judge can extend your sentence beyond its maximum. Not to mention, any conviction results in a criminal record. Regardless of how much time you served, a criminal record negatively impacts your career, education, and housing opportunities.

How Can A Violent Crimes Lawyer Help Me?

The stakes are high when the state accuses you of a violent crime. Conviction and serving a sentence is not an ordeal you’ll want to experience, from potentially serving years behind bars to being separated from your loved ones. To avoid prison time, you’ll need a violent crimes lawyer at your side, such as the reputable violent crimes lawyers of My Rights Law. Although public defenders are Bar certified and diligent attorneys, the state often bogs them down with an excessive caseload. Many of them struggle to devote the necessary time that your case demands. Therefore, choosing a criminal defense lawyer who can commit ample time to your case is likely in your best interest.


It’s unlikely that the state will drop charges or dismiss a case without intervention from a California criminal defense lawyer. When you hire criminal defense lawyers, the first thing you should expect them to do is investigate. Before lawyers can craft a defense, they must know the unique circumstances of your case. During their investigation, they’ll ask you questions, review the police report, request camera footage if there’s any, and speak to witnesses.

When being questioned by your lawyers, you need to be fully honest. You shouldn’t try to hide anything from your lawyers because there’s a possibility that it will come out in court. Your lawyers are better prepared when you’ve told them all you know and turned over names of people who can corroborate your story. Even if you’re afraid you’ll look bad, keep in mind that lawyers have heard it all. Most of all, your defense lawyers are there to help you—not work against you.

Build A Defense

During and after the investigation, your violent crimes lawyers will start building a defense. Suppose the state accused you of first-degree robbery. If the jury finds you guilty, the state can sentence you to nine years in prison. First-degree robbery occurs when you use force or fear to take someone’s personal property while in that person’s immediate presence. Let’s say that the prosecutor says you held a knife to a man’s throat and insisted that he give up his wallet. In this case, your lawyers would either try to reduce the robbery charge (e.g., to misdemeanor simple assault, which comes with a maximum of six months in county jail) or dismiss the case.

More specifically, skilled defense lawyers build defenses in one of two ways: poking holes in the prosecutor’s theory (i.e., creating a reasonable doubt) and tackling the elements of the crime. Usually, showing that you don’t match the perpetrator’s description or were in a different location creates reasonable doubt. Moreover, a jury should find you not guilty if your lawyers prove that you didn’t use force or fear to get something. Instead, maybe the alleged victim wrongfully believed that you had a weapon. Perhaps you merely badgered the alleged victim until he voluntarily handed over his wallet. Maybe you gave a false account by telling the alleged victim that you needed money to get home, and he willingly gave up his wallet.

Negotiate A Lighter Sentence

Sometimes, the evidence against you is overwhelming. You might even admit that you committed the crime. A violent crimes lawyer is critical to helping you get a favorable plea bargain and negotiating a lighter sentence. Your lawyers may have an easier time negotiating a lighter sentence if:

  • You are a first-time offender
  • You have a positive reputation among the community
  • You are in school or working full-time
  • You come across as remorseful, and you show that you have learned from your mistakes
  • Exceptional circumstances apply

Get Your Violent Crime Case Dismissed

Ultimately, California violent crimes lawyers help to get your case dismissed. Case dismissal is ideal because it prevents you from getting a criminal record and facing incarceration. But this isn’t always easy. Remember to answer your lawyers ‘ questions truthfully to increase the likelihood of getting the best possible result in your case. Also, the sooner you hire legal representation, the better. The prosecutor begins working on your case immediately, so you should do the same.

Violent Crime Defense Lawyer To Help You Fight Criminal Charges

Are you accused of a violent crime, such as domestic violence, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, first degree murder, second degree murder, or aggravated kidnapping? A conviction on a felony offense of violence could be staggering, so now is the time to talk with a seasoned criminal defense attorney about your options. My Rights Law violent crime defense lawyers are here for you. We’ll take the time to understand your situation and possible unique legal defenses, such as self defense, that may apply to your situation.

How My Rights Law Can Help You

The defense attorney you choose can make the difference between having criminal charges dismissed or being severely punished. My Rights Law’s strong team of criminal lawyers have the resources and experience that enable us to pursue difficult cases yielding favorable results. We protect our clients through our expertise in the law and extensive experience in handling all misdemeanor and felony criminal cases including, but not limited to, alcohol-related crimes, drug crimes, violent crimes, domestic violence, sex crimes, crimes against children, theft crimes, juvenile delinquency crimes, gun crimes, property crimes, cybercrimes, driving offenses, public safety crimes, federal crimes, financial crimes, crimes against the government, crimes against justice, and inchoate crimes. We also specialize in restraining orders, pretrial diversion programs, and expungements.

When you hire a California criminal defense lawyer, you must trust that you’ve hired the best. The attorneys at our firm are diligent, knowledgeable, and reputable. In particular, founding attorney Bobby Shamuilian has received a perfect 10 rating from AVVO and Justia. He comes highly recommended having made the Top 40 Under 40 and Top 100 Trial Lawyers lists. You’re choosing the best when you select My Rights Law.

There are other reasons to choose us. We serve Southern California, and we’ve done so for years. We have successfully handled violent crime cases that the state can accuse you of, such as battery, rape, burglary, robbery, and more. If you’d like to add your name to the list of satisfied clients, don’t wait. Call (888) 702-8882 or contact us through our secure web form for a free consultation today.

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