Our Mission

My Rights Law specializes in the aggressive representation of individuals confronting the vast power of law enforcement in criminal matters.

In personal injury cases, we make insurance companies accountable to pay the fair compensation our clients deserve.

We are dedicated to assisting those in their darkest hour, facing the possibility of losing their job, their reputation, their friends, their family, their fortune, their freedom or even their life. Our highly experienced team of lawyers and support staff are committed to leaving no stone unturned in our clients’ defense.

Core Values


We follow through on our commitments, 

We are honest in our communications and actions, 

We adhere to the process and don’t cut corners, instead we continually improve the process (Quality), 

We are ethical and keep our promises,

We take ownership for our individual responsibilities – Accountability,

We understand the impact of our individual actions on the rest of the team, 

We use humility to own up for our mistakes, Retribution is not in our vocabulary because it is human to err,

We are respected and have great relationships with the courts which really helps us get the best outcomes for our clients.


We bring vast experience (30+ combined years) and have exceptional proficiency in all duties, from client care to utilizing the latest tech and software,

Our process is systemized and in constant improvement,

We always follow the proper and best process,

We learn from our mistakes,

We care about our job and the outcome of our work,

We don’t hide our shortcomings but strive to understand them,

We always attempt to meet deadlines to the best of our abilities and within the process.


Collaboration is our culture, 

Our department’s work to help each other, 

We share and communicate effectively with our clients, internally and externally,

The team always comes first. Includes Initiative, our culture Empowers and we encourage each other to take initiative, 

We always bring our best game to the table,

We are constantly looking for ways to excel and improve,

We always think of the whole not just our individual jobs.


We have empathy for our colleagues and clients, 

We really care about the people we represent,

We tirelessly work and are together engrossed as a team to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients as if our own families’ lives depended on it,

We understand that good people sometimes make bad decisions and shouldn’t be penalized for the rest of their lives and we use our knowledge of the law to fight for them. A testament to this is illustrated in almost every review.