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  • Trump Mar-a-Lago Search Affadavit | NewsNation

    “The public has a right to know why the government invaded Mar a Lago and searched it,” said criminal defense attorney Arie Shamuilian of My Rights Law. “And the government has an equal interest of wanting to prevent any of the facts from being disclosed in an effort to try to prevent the investigation from getting jeopardized.” The FBI searched the former president’s Palm [...]

  • Convicted Felon Walks Free | NewsNation’s Rush Hour

    Attorney Arie Shamuilian, a criminal and injury attorney at My Rights Law, Discusses Convicted Felon Walks Free After Sucker Punch Charge Downgraded. The bail reform law may have passed with good intentions, but the consequences still point to a flawed system.  Criminal defense attorney Arie Shamuilian weighs in on NewsNation's "Rush Hour." READ MORE

  • Scott Peterson Case Juror Misconduct | Court TV

    Los Angeles Criminal and Injury Attorney Bobby Shamuilian, founder of My Rights Law, Discusses Possible Juror Misconduct in the Scott Peterson Case live on Court TV. READ MORE

  • Anne Heche Won’t Spend Any Time In Jail | Fox News

    Criminal and Injury Attorney Arie Shamuilian of My Rights Law told Fox News Digital it's likely that Heche will spend time in jail for the crash. "In this case, there's other video depicting her vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed and crashing into the building," Shamuilian explained. "I anticipate there could potentially be custody time with this case, given the circumstantial evidence [...]

  • Paul Pelosi’s DUI Charge | Fox News

    Bobby Shamuilian, a California-based defense attorney who specializes in DUI defense, told Fox News Digital on Wednesday that Pelosi's charges can result in probation, jail time, rehabilitative classes and fines — costing the driver time and money. "A lot of people drive when they shouldn’t, however, it’s much safer making other arrangements," he said. "With Uber, Lyft, taxis and limos, there is no excuse [...]

  • Nikolas Cruz Stoneman Douglas High School Shooter | Law & Crime Network

    Los Angeles Criminal and Injury Attorney Bobby Shamuilian Discusses Penalty Phase Nikolas Cruz Murder Trial live on Law & Crime Network. READ MORE