Things To Do In Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The Indians called it the ‘Sandy Place,’ but you probably know Rancho Cucamonga for the fact that it lies on the historic Route 66. The entire section from the city to Santa Monica is part of Route 66, although the Mother Road is now defunct. You can still get to hike the path the Main Street of America occupied in some places, and Rancho Cucamonga is one of them. That’s not the only fun thing you can do around Rancho Cucamonga though. There are tons of historical sites to visit and fun activities to keep your itinerary occupied. Let’s take a look at a few things that keep residents of the city looking forward to each new day and visitors pouring into town.

Visiting the Historic Sycamore Inn

The Sycamore Inn predates Route 66 by at least 150 years. Every time you hear “get your kicks on Route 66”, most probably it’s a reference to Sycamore Inn. Uncle Billy Rubottom owned the owned an inn that served stagecoaches along the Santa Fe Trail. The trail would later become Foothill Boulevard, culminating in the first U.S Highway, Route 66. The site is a veritable part of the U.S history. The structure everyone refers to as the Sycamore Inn came into existence in 1920, however. John Klusman built it six years before Route 66 passed through. Today, it is owned by Chuck and Linda Keagle who repaired and updated the rundown building that housed the Sycamore Inn. The sad thing is the inn is not on the National Register of Historic Places, even though its right at the edge of Route 66 and its first owner was responsible for bringing possums to California. But it’s still worth visiting.

Visiting Mount Baldy Road

Winters draw residents and visitors of Rancho Cucamonga to Mount Baldy Road like a moth to a flame. It’s the perfect spot for some fun in the snow, a drive up the mountain, or skiing down the white slopes. Summers also open up the scenic hiking trails on the mountain. Being so close to the 210 freeway is a plus.

Hiking the Etiwanda Falls Trailhead

Another great outdoors trail is the Etiwanda Falls Trail. The 3.4 mile back trail near Rancho Cucamonga is always bustling with enthusiastic hikers, making it one of the more crowded trails around the city. But that doesn’t take the fun out of the 1-hour hike since you get to see the waterfall near the National Forest.

Events in Rancho Cucamonga