Denise Rubio, Paralegal

Denise Rubio


Denise Rubio provides extensive experience and dedication to the My Rights Law team as a seasoned paralegal with over a decade of experience in the legal industry, focusing specifically on criminal defense for the last two years. Her commitment to providing empathetic and effective support to clients navigating difficult circumstances is at the heart of her work ethic. As an in-house Notary Public and a proficient Spanish speaker, Denise ensures that all clients receive the thorough support and representation they are entitled to.

Her expertise extends to aiding attorneys in case management, facilitating smooth legal proceedings, and offering comprehensive client support. Denise obtained her Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from ITT-Technical Institute in San Bernardino, CA, demonstrating her commitment to continuous learning and expanding her legal expertise across various domains.

Outside the office, Denise cherishes her time with her daughter, exploring new adventures at the movies, parks, and creating lasting memories with their extended family. Her balance of professional dedication and personal interests exemplifies her holistic approach to life and work, making her a valued member of the My Rights Law firm.