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Fullerton Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Fullerton – Free Strategy Session

Have you been charged with a crime or drunk driving here in Fullerton? Your job, freedom, and reputation will be on the line if you have a criminal or DUI arrest on your record. Engaging the services of a powerful and aggressive Fullerton criminal defense attorney or Fullerton DUI lawyer early on is essential if you want to beat or reduce the penalties.

Do not panic if this has happened to you or someone you care about. The criminal defense lawyers at My Rights Law will do as they do with every client; fight hard to help you prevail.

Since we have experience in this arena, every single Fullerton criminal defense attorney at our firm knows that being arrested can change lives in the worst way and the stress and worry of what lies ahead can be debilitating. The prosecution is already working against you, and the penalties you could face if convicted may be severe, ranging from years behind bars to thousands of dollars in fines. Whether you end up having a favorable outcome will very much depend on the defense attorney you select.

Armed with an extensive history of wins, the criminal defense attorneys at My Rights Law Fullerton offer a solid defense for everyone in this city who is facing serious charges.

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When you call for a confidential FREE consultation, our Fullerton criminal lawyer will help you understand the charges that have been filed against you and the steps that we will take to defend you. Call (714) 872-9881 today.

Why Choose our Fullerton Criminal Lawyer to be Your Legal Representative?

We bring a strong team of criminal attorneys at My Rights Law with years of professional experience to your defense, conduct our own investigations, question witnesses, and examine crime scenes. Our winning record shows that our criminal defense attorneys are successful. This is true even when defending clients against difficult charges. Criminal defense is the specialty of our firm in Fullerton, California, including all misdemeanor and felony criminal cases DUI, domestic violence, violent crimes such as murder and manslaughter, arson, assault and battery, weapon offenses, white collar crimes including fraud and embezzlement, sex crimes such as child pornography and child molestation, drug crimes including drug transportation and distribution, hit and run, juvenile crime, probation violations, theft, burglary, robbery and other criminal offenses. Additionally, we provide legal representation to professionals of all types, including doctors, lawyers, athletes, TV personalities, and other licensed individuals. The knowledge our criminal defense lawyers in Fullerton have of case law and the local authorities are more than enough to help them successfully defend you. Call (714) 872-9881 if you need to reach a qualified Fullerton criminal defense attorney who can offer a solid defense. Free, no-obligation consultations are available.

Choose the Best Criminal Justice Attorneys in Fullerton, CA

While the state is working in earnest to determine your guilt, for your protection, there needs to be someone standing between you and the law or injustices could go unchecked. The Fullerton criminal defense attorneys at My Rights Law are well-acquainted with the judges, D.A., and prosecuting attorneys in the local judiciary system. This allows us to have a better idea of how to tackle your case. Never hire a defense lawyer that is just getting started. They do not possess the knowledge that may be needed to help you prevail. It is our goal to ensure that no mistakes are made from the very beginning of your case since small errors can cause large issues later. We have successful Fullerton lawyers, each with their area of specialization to offer you the most effective representation available. Call our Fullerton criminal defense attorney at My Rights Law today. We will use all our know-how to win your case.

You Do Not Have Any Time To Waste When Charged With a Crime In Fullerton, CA. Call NOW for a Free Legal Consultation

Once you hire a Fullerton criminal defense lawyer from My Rights Law, you can relax a bit knowing that you are in good hands. We will do our best to talk to prosecutors and change their minds about filing charges. After you ‘ve been charged, with a felony, misdemeanor, DUI or petty crime, hiring a top-notch law firm will give you the best opportunity for reduced criminal charges or a dismissal altogether. Get in contact with our Fullerton defense lawyer to assist you as soon as you are arrested. Call us today at (714) 872-9881 and speak with our top-rated Fullerton criminal defense lawyer, or fill out the secure form on this page so we can call you to schedule a FREE and confidential consultation on the phone or at one of our California law offices.

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