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Murrieta Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Murrieta – Free Strategy Session

Are you being accused of a crime or drunk driving here in Murrieta? A criminal or DUI violation could jeopardize the rest of your life, affecting your family, reputation, career, and even your freedom. Hiring a Murrieta criminal defense attorney or Murrieta DUI lawyer with extensive experience should be your top priority when facing criminal charges.

In the event that you or someone you care about has this kind of experience, the criminal defense lawyers at My Rights Law will act quickly and aggressively to prepare a winning defense.

Each Murrieta criminal defense attorney at our firm understands how frightening it is to have your freedom one moment and have it stripped away the next. Prosecutors will work non-stop to secure a conviction and mete the greatest amount of punishment. The expertise of the defense attorney you hire is crucial. It can ultimately decide how your case turns out.

For years, the criminal defense attorneys at My Rights Law Murrieta have aggressively defended and won many cases for clients in the area.

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Widely Trusted Murrieta Criminal Attorney

The strong team of criminal attorneys at My Rights Law are caring yet aggressive. The best criminal defense attorneys are recognized through their “win rates,” and we are proud to say that our record of victories prove the quality of legal representation we provide. We have successfully represent clients for all misdemeanor and felony criminal charges that include DUI, domestic violence and other violent crimes including murder, manslaughter, arson and kidnapping, weapon charges, hit and run, white collar crimes including theft, fraud and embezzlement, drug crimes including transportation and distribution, sex crimes including child pornography, child molestation and prostitution, juvenile crime, probation violations, and robbery and burglary crimes. We also represent professionals including doctors, lawyers, athletes, TV personalities, and other licensed individuals in legal matters. The knowledge our criminal defense lawyers in Murrieta have of case law and the local authorities are more than enough to help them successfully defend you. Contact our Murrieta criminal defense attorney at (951) 412-5593. Get in touch soon to schedule a FREE consultation.

Why You Need a Proven Criminal Justice Attorney in Murrieta, CA

Since prosecutors are using all their skills to ensure you do not have a positive outcome, you do not want to fight this battle without the help of a legal professional. My Rights Law‘s Murrieta criminal defense attorneys have enough insider information to defend clients against any charges brought by the District Attorney. Every defense lawyer at our firm has a solid legal background; this is necessary if you want to have a fighting chance at securing your freedom. By hiring a reputable law firm like ours to take your case you will be getting quality representation from an experienced, seasoned attorney. We have successful Murrieta lawyers, each with their area of specialization to offer you the most effective representation available. A Murrieta criminal defense attorney from the law firm of My Rights Law will work hard to help you obtain a favorable outcome.

Call Us When You Are Facing a Criminal Charge in Murrieta, CA. Free Lawyer Consultation

Once you are accused of committing a crime, retaining a Murrieta criminal defense lawyer from My Rights Law quickly will help you achieve the best outcome for your case. We will discuss your side with prosecutors and try convincing them to drop all charges. Whether you have been accused of a misdemeanor, felony, DUI or petty crime, hiring a top-notch criminal defense law firm means that you may end up with reduced charges or a dismissal. Getting in touch with our Murrieta defense lawyer immediately is essential when fighting criminal charges. Call us today at (951) 412-5593 or fill out the secure form on this page so we can call you to schedule a FREE and confidential consultation with our top-rated Murrieta criminal defense lawyer either on the phone or at one of our California law offices.

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