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Woman sues San Diego County over father’s death in jail

A woman is suing San Diego County after her fathers untimely death while in the custody of the County jail.

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Daughter of man who died in jail says deputies mistook her dad’s dementia for drug abuse

SAN DIEGO — Jennifer Schmidt wants justice for her dad. Images of her father lying dead inside of a jail cell for 15 hours, rigor setting into his body, haunt her at night.

In a new legal claim against the county of San Diego, Schmidt says her dad, Gilbert Gil, didn’t need to die. She says he should have never been in jail in the first place.

Schmidt says deputies arrested her dad twice in a span of three days in February of this year for being under the influence when in fact he suffered from dementia and was diabetic. She says deputies refused to acknowledge his medical condition and instead painted him as an out-of-control meth user in the grips of a meth-induced rage.

Schmidt wants justice for her father and to prevent others from potentially suffering the same fate. She says the Sheriff’s Department has not provided any details about how and why her father died. And, she has yet to receive the medical examiner’s report or videos from inside the jail cell that night.

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