Criminal Defense Attorney for Doctors, Lawyers and Professionals

When a licensed professional is being investigated or facing charges in a criminal matter they are at risk of losing far more than the average person who finds themselves in this situation. Along with the fear of being locked up, reputational damage and how this will affect their family, they could lose their job and/or face disciplinary action by regulators or the licensing board.

If this sounds like the circumstances you are in, it is vital that you hire a highly skilled criminal lawyer who specializes in defending professionals. You want your legal team to evaluate the entire legal situation you’re facing, making sure that they proactively deal with every aspect of your case when defending you.

The criminal defense attorneys at My Rights Law have defended hundreds of cases including doctors, lawyers, police officers, real estate brokers, TV personalities, professional athletes, nurses, insurance agents and bankers. The most common cases are domestic violence and DUI, however, a minor infraction, like perhaps shoplifting, could end the career of a loan officer because everyone working in the banking industry must follow the laws set forth in the Federal Deposit Insurance Act (FDIA).

We respect the fact that you want to get this ordeal done and finished as soon as possible, however, we must be certain that whatever advice we dispense and actions we take on your behalf have been well considered and do not jeopardize your case. We will develop a well-thought-out strategy that anticipates all eventualities.

Professionals Require Top Notch Professional Legal Representation

Of major concern among our clients is how the potential of criminal charges being filed against them will affect their reputation, their current employment and future prospects as well as their family. As a professional yourself, you understand the importance of being represented by the kind of professionals who respect confidentiality and the lawyer/client privilege and who will handle your case and all your communications with the utmost in discretion.

We will appear in court on your behalf without you having to be there to the extent allowed by law in the jurisdiction. As our client, our communications will be confined to just you unless you authorize us in writing to discuss your case with a third-party. Furthermore, in communicating with you about this, we will abide by the parameters you set in order to avoid any unintended disclosures to the authorized third-party.

Throughout our careers, we have defended thousands of professionals in many different legal matters. Odds are that we are already familiar with the type of case you’re facing, as well as the specifics of your particular profession.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney with Decades of Experience

By being proactive and hiring the best criminal defense attorney to handle your case, you minimize the chances that this will get out of hand and have a permanent effect on your career, professional reputation and family. Contact us now at (888) 702-8882 to schedule a confidential and free legal consultation or complete the confidential and secure contact form.

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