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California Child Abuse Defense Lawyer – Penal Code 273d PC

Are You Being Falsely Accused Of Harming A Child?

Have California police arrested you for child abuse? Are you in desperate need of child abuse attorneys? If the state has charged you with willfully harming a child, you’re probably worried about whether you’ll go to prison and how this charge can impact the rest of your life. Fortunately, you do not have to face this criminal charge alone. As soon the state charges you, you can count on the award-winning crimes against children defense attorneys from My Rights Law. It is our mission to protect your freedom. Call us at (888) 702-8882 or contact us through our secure web form to schedule a free consultation today.

What Is Child Abuse PC 273d?

Generally, it is a crime to intentionally or negligently harm a child. In particular, Under California Penal Code 273d PC Child Abuse criminalizes willfully inflicting cruel or inhumane treatment of a child to the extent that it causes trauma. Although parents may discipline their children, they may not injure their children to the point of leaving bruises and marks. For example, you may not:

  • Strike your children so that their noses break Save
  • Beat your children with a belt to the extent bruises form
  • Slap your children so hard that a mark is left

Is PC 273d Child Abuse A Misdemeanor Or Felony?

California takes child abuse seriously and charges it as a felony-level offense.

Can I Expunge A Child Abuse Conviction?

California permits you to remove certain felonies from your record if you meet the requirements. For more information, consult with a California expungement lawyer.

What Are The Penalties For PC 273d Child Abuse?

If a jury convicts you of this felony offense, a judge has the discretion to sentence you leniently or severely. The judge’s discretion is due to the offense’s wide array of sentencing options. A judge may sentence you to up to one year in county jail and order you to pay up to $6000.[1] On the other hand, a judge may sentence you to two, three, or six years for violating the law. [2]

If a criminal court has convicted you of child abuse within the past ten years of this new charge, the judge must impose a four-year enhancement to your new case’s sentence.[3] In other words, you would serve six years if a judge sentenced you to two years, and you’d serve nine years if a judge sentenced you to three years.

A skilled criminal defense lawyer can get the judge to agree to felony probation. In that case, you must serve a mandatory minimum of thirty-six months. This is preferable to living a restricted lifestyle behind bars.

This crime can result in other legal consequences. A family judge can use this evidence to strip you of child custody or terminate your parental rights. It doesn’t matter whether the child subject to the conviction is also the same child in the custody agreement. Thus, if you intentionally harmed a neighbor’s child, the rights over your children could be affected.

Additionally, your employment opportunities may be impacted. Certain employers could reject your application if you have a child abuse or neglect conviction on your criminal record. Unfortunately, some employers discriminate against applicants who have criminal records even though it is against the law. However, certain convictions are sufficient grounds for employers to turn you away or fire you. For example, a school, daycare, or nursery will have sufficient grounds not to hire you if you have a child abuse conviction on your record. You could also be subjected to random drug testing or a child abuser’s treatment program lasting at least one year. [4] [5]

What Are My Defenses For PC 273d Child Abuse?

Common defenses to child abuse accusations include, but are not limited to:

  • False accusation
  • Necessity
  • Self-defense
  • Insufficient evidence (e.g., medical reports conflict with testimony that you caused the injury)
  • Accident (e.g., as you slipped, your arm flew back and hit your son’s eye, leaving a bruise)

The best defenses are tailored to the unique circumstances of your case. Instead of a not guilty verdict, getting the judge to agree that a mental health diversion program is in your best interest may be the goal. Of course, how we go about crafting a defense that is best for you depends on your honesty and our thorough investigation.

Do I Need A Child Abuse Defense Lawyer For PC 273d?

Yes, you will need a California child abuse lawyer to beat your child abuse charges. Prosecutors are legal experts who will not take it easy on you. The only way to beat them is with a legal expert who’s not easily intimidated. Child abuse allegations are very serious. If you have been accused of child abuse in Los Angeles, consider reaching out to a skilled child abuse attorney for guidance on your rights and options. My Rights Law’s child abuse lawyers have years of experience defending the accused in California child abuse cases.

Why Choose My Rights Law?

When you’re facing a child abuse charge in California that can impact your life, you’ll need experienced criminal defense attorneys on your side. You’ll want attorneys with the case results, reviews, and prestige. Moreover, you should want attorneys who are easily accessible. If these are the attorneys you’re looking for, look no further. My Rights Law meets the criteria.

As a law firm, My Rights Law reigns as a leader. Head attorney Bobby Shamuilian has earned an impeccable 10.0 Top Attorney Avvo rating. Listed as one of the Top 40 Under 40 and Top 100 Trial Lawyers, he also has a 10.0 Justia rating.


We’re constantly thinking about our potential clients, so My Rights Law is easily accessible. Whether by phone or email, we want you to be able to reach us. For that reason, our phone service is 24/7 so that you can contact us no matter the time of day. We understand that arrests don’t only happen during nine to five hours, so we don’t think standard business hours should restrict your access to us either. We accept credit cards and Bitcoin payments and offer payment plans.

Call My Rights Law’s Child Abuse Defense Attorneys Today

If the state accuses you of child abuse, remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. However, it can be challenging to prove your innocence if the victim has marks or bruises, or eyewitnesses claim they saw you harm the child. If you find yourself accusations of child abuse, child neglect, or sexual abuse, do not hesitate to call My Rights Law. We know what’s needed to get a dismissal, alternative sentencing, or not guilty verdict. We are not intimidated by determined prosecutors, nor do we shrink in fear when the odds don’t seem to be in our favor. Call our law office at (888) 702-8882 or contact us by filling out our secure web form to take advantage of your free consultation today.

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