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California Disorderly Conduct Attorney – Penal Code 647 PC

How Can My Rights Law’s Disorderly Conduct Attorney Help Me?

Are you in need of a California disorderly conduct defense attorney? Have the police arrested you for disorderly conduct? Are you afraid of how a criminal conviction may ruin your reputation and possibly your life? If so, put these concerns to rest, but don’t sleep on your rights. My Rights Law is an experienced, reputable law firm and their public safety violation lawyers have a knack for getting charges dropped and cases dismissed. If you want the best representation, you must hire the best legal representatives. Call us at (888) 702-8882 or contact us through our secure web form to take advantage of your free consultation today.

Disorderly conduct has been a popular discussion for news anchors, politicians, and law enforcement in recent years. Many people use disorderly conduct interchangeably with “disturbing the peace.” When you hear either term, images of violence likely come to mind. Often, news channels have their camera people pan over burning cars, destroyed homes, bursting fire hydrants, and hordes of unruly people. But do you know what disorderly conduct means? Are you aware of the consequences if a prosecutor charges you with acting disorderly? If California police have arrested you for disorderly conduct, please read below.

What Is PC 647 Disorderly Conduct?

Disorderly Conduct, under California Penal Code 647, is when you engage in lewd or dissolute behavior in a public place or place that is open to public view.[1] Soliciting someone to engage in any of the above behavior is also cause for the state to charge you with this crime.

Examples of lewd and dissolute conduct include, but are not limited to:

  • Stripping in public
  • Rioting
  • Soliciting a prostitute[2]
  • Engaging in prostitution
  • Begging passersby for donations[3]
  • Loitering around a public restroom to solicit sex
  • Obstructing public walk space
  • Recording someone’s intimate parts in a bathroom to get sexual gratification [4]

Is PC 647 Disorderly Conduct  A Misdemeanor Or Felony?

Disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor offense.

Is PC 647 Disorderly Conduct An Expungable Offense?

Not all crimes are expungable. Fortunately, you can get a disorderly conduct offense removed from your record if you’re found guilty. However, you must meet certain conditions first. You must complete your sentence, including probation. You must not have any outstanding fines, and you must not have any active warrants, arrests, or other criminal cases to apply. Bear in mind that the court may reject your expungement application.

Which Offenses Are Related To PC 647 Disorderly Conduct?

It is not uncommon for an officer to charge you with multiple crimes stemming from one incident. Thus, you may wonder what other charges the state can bring against you. Generally, if the state charges you with disorderly conduct, it can charge you with one or more of the following crimes:

  • Disturbing the peace
  • Indecent exposure
  • Trespass

What Are The Penalties of PC 647 Disorderly Conduct Under California Criminal Law?

If a jury finds you guilty of this offense, the judge may sentence you to up to six months and jail. The judge can also order you to pay a fine of up to $1000.[5] If the state brings related charges against you, incarceration and fines can increase.

Negative impacts on your criminal record can result in non-legal consequences. A criminal record makes it difficult to secure new employment. Potential employers may not discriminate against you if you have a criminal record during the interview process. However, California law also provides that you can be hired conditionally. Once you are hired, your employers can decide whether your particular offense is detrimental to their brand, company, or work environment. For example, if your disorderly conduct charge is based on prostitution with a minor charge, a daycare or school employer may have reasonable grounds to rescind their conditional offer of employment.

Other consequences include impacts on custody or parenting agreements or online registration as a sex offender. If your conviction involves substance use and you’re a parent, your custody agreement could be impacted, or you could have reduced parenting time. If your conviction involves soliciting a minor for sex, you may have to register as a sex offender. If so, you’ll experience housing, work, and travel restrictions.

What Are The Defenses To PC 647 Disorderly Conduct?

Defenses may be available to you depending on the charge and unique circumstances of your case.

No Probable Cause

Before making an arrest, officers must have probable cause to believe that you did, are, or will commit a crime. The officers must point to specific facts that suggest you’re engaged in unlawful activity. Furthermore, the facts must be such that other reasonable officers would come to the same conclusion. When a court considers whether officers had probable cause before restricting your freedom, it may rely on the officers’ experience and familiarity with the circumstances.

Thus, you may raise the lack of probable cause as a viable defense. For example, suppose officers thought you were in a riot. However, the truth was that you were heading home and happened to get caught in the middle of the melee. Suppose officers thought you were soliciting someone for sex. However, you were paying that person for an unrelated matter entirely.

False Accusation

Unfortunately, people are falsely accused all the time. A skilled attorney can prove that you were falsely accused in several ways. For example, sometimes eyewitnesses have ulterior motives. It is your attorney’s job to find that motive. Your attorney can also point out inconsistencies, such as receipts of your location and the time of the alleged incident’s occurrence.

Mistaken Identity

Many people look alike. It’s easy to confuse one person with another. It’s even easier to confuse people when there’s a large group and everyone is moving around. Imagine someone says you participated in a riot. With riots involving so many people, the eyewitness likely mistook your face for another person’s face.

If you have been charged with disorderly conduct or lewd acts, get in touch with My Rights Law criminal defense lawyers now. Our criminal defense lawyers can craft the best defense for your disorderly conduct case.

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Although you may think a misdemeanor charge is a light offense, you should take it seriously. Do not assume that prosecutors will drop the charges automatically. Therefore, it’s crucial for the protection of your liberties and rights to hire a criminal defense attorney. But why choose My Rights Law?

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