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Aviation Accident Lawyer

Hire a lawyer who will fight for the most compensation possible in your aviation accident case

Aviation accidents can range in size and severity. Large-scale commercial airline crashes happen very rarely but are heavily covered on the news when they do happen. In contrast, private plane or helicopter incidents may be reported only on the local news, but they happen more frequently and are likely to cause severe injuries to those involved.

Anyone can be involved in an aviation accident, from a business traveler to a tourist on a sightseeing flight to a worker for a large shipping company. People on the ground where a plane crash happens can also become victims of a catastrophic aircraft crash. But no matter how it happens, victims who are injured as a result of aviation accidents deserve compensation for the injuries and pain that they’ve suffered.

Call My Rights Law’s Experienced Aviation Accident Attorneys Today

The motor vehicle accident lawyers at My Rights Law are devoted to helping victims (including families of the victims) get justice and compensation in aviation accident claims. With your consultation, we will evaluate the circumstances which resulted in you or your loved one’s injury or death, including a review of state or federal investigations regarding the aviation incident, any police report or other information relating to the incident, insurance coverage relating to potential defendants, and statements from witnesses, among other things important to your case. We’ll then advise you on your options. To consult with My Rights Law’s aviation accident lawyer regarding an airplane or helicopter accident, injury or death, call (888) 702-8882 or contact us through our secure web form.

Types Of Aviation

Airplane transportation is one of the most widely used means to travel long distances within the U.S. and to other countries. Hundreds of millions of people travel by plane every year through large international airports throughout the country. In addition, millions more people fly from local or regional airports that host small planes and helicopters for business and recreational uses, and only a very small fraction of those travelers are ever injured or harmed while traveling by air. However, aviation accidents do happen, and the injuries can be severe.

The term “general aviation” is used to refer to all flights other than paid commercial travel and military airplanes. The U.S. Bureau of Transportation reports a total of 1,275 general aviation accidents in 2018, of which 224 were fatal crashes. Included in those aviation accidents were a total of 379 fatalities and 227 people who were seriously injured.


Air travel for recreation adds many millions of miles to the general aviation statistics, including privately owned planes for sightseeing and tourists who travel to nearby destinations in small planes owned by friends or family members. Helicopters take tourists on sightseeing flights and help to deliver snow skiers higher up into the backcountry mountains, among other recreational uses. Helicopters are also widely used in emergency medical transport and law enforcement.

The growing popularity of drones, both private and commercial, for photography, observation, and research has added new objects to the airspace. Personal recreational flights on ultralights, gliders, and hot-air balloons add even more aircraft to the mix, and the dangers increase for all air travelers as the skies become more crowded.

Aviation Safety And Risks

As an industry, aviation is relatively safe. Large-scale, catastrophic accidents involving commercial airlines are rare. Workers in the aviation industry are usually very well-trained and provided with all the necessary safety equipment needed for their work. Equipment is maintained well, and the repair and maintenance workers are skilled and capable professionals.

When aviation accidents do occur, however, many government agencies are likely to be involved, from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to various local and state agencies. Investigators will gather relevant records in the investigation, including:

  • Inspection and maintenance records of the aircraft involved;
  • Pictures and video from the scene of the crash;
  • Personnel records of the crew, pilots, and maintenance staff who worked with the aircraft;
  • In-flight voice recorders;
  • Flight plans; and
  • Air traffic control communications.

A skilled lawyer experienced in aviation law will know how to seek copies of the evidence that has been gathered in your case. Analyzing the causes of a complex event like an aviation accident requires skilled investigative work by experts in the field, and your lawyer should know the best analysts and professionals to work with on your case.

After an aviation accident, it’s best to communicate only with your lawyer and avoid talking to insurance agents or other lawyers in the case. All the attorneys are working to understand the facts of the accident, but they each also want to clear their clients of potential liability.

Aviation Accident Facts

Aviation accidents can happen in many different ways, from human errors to mechanical failures to unpredictable weather events and more. The most common causes of aviation accidents include:

  • Mechanical – A faulty part, or even a bad wire, can cause a dangerous failure in an aviation environment. Modern aircraft are extremely complex machines made up of complicated individual systems that all have to work together for the aircraft to function properly. A part that wasn’t replaced in time, a defective piece of equipment, or a faulty installation could cause a catastrophic failure in the air.
  • Pilot Mistake – The human element continues to be one of the most dangerous parts of flying, with pilot errors contributing to some 50% of total aviation accidents. The jobs of the pilot and crew of a modern jet airliner are very challenging, as are the mechanical issues faced by aircraft maintenance and repair teams. Sometimes just a slight error can add up to serious problems in the operation of an airplane, and avoidable problems can be overlooked even by experts.
  • Weather – Weather conditions such as changing clouds, heavy winds, rain, fog, and lightning are unpredictable and uncontrollable forces of nature. Flight crews work closely with weather professionals and air traffic controllers to understand the risks of the weather conditions they face and to consider their options. Pilots are trained to make the best decisions on the facts they have at any given time, and many dangerous situations are avoided by professional skill. The truth remains, however, that weather is a factor in many aviation accidents.
  • Air Traffic Control Error – Airplane pilots rely on other professionals to do their jobs well, and one of the most important are air traffic controllers. Directions for how to approach the airport, when and where to bring the aircraft in for a landing, weather conditions, and much more come directly from air traffic controllers in the tower. Pilots reasonably rely on directions and instructions from air traffic controllers in making decisions about how to fly.

Altogether, the airline industry and the complexities of flight can add up to dangerous conditions that may lead to general aviation accidents. When you or a loved one are injured in an airplane crash and are seeking compensation, a skilled aviation lawyer on your side will make all the difference in your case.


The legal term for money paid to resolve a legal claim is “damages.” This means that the company or person responsible must pay the costs of the damages caused by their reckless or careless behavior.

Typically, there are three basic types of damages in the law:

  1. Economic damages include the costs of medical bills, treatment and care, lost wages, and property damages caused by the accident.
  2. Non-economic damages are for the pain, suffering, worry, stress, and other psychological injuries you are dealing with as a result of the accident and your injuries.
  3. Punitive damages are saved for situations where the defendant who caused harm did it in a way that involved malicious, cruel, fraudulent, or otherwise egregious illegal behavior.

Some international agreements and other regulations apply to aviation accidents, however, which may limit the amount of damages that you can receive. An experienced aviation lawyer can help you figure out the best resolution, so talk to a qualified lawyer as soon as possible after an aviation accident affecting you or a loved one.

Wrongful Death From Aviation Accidents

If you’ve lost a loved one in an aviation accident, then you may wonder if you have any legal right to seek justice. A wrongful death claim lets you seek damages for the funeral and burial costs you’ve had to pay to care for your loved one. You also may be able to get compensation for lost income and support that your loved one would have continued to provide if they were still alive. Your lawyer can help you to understand your legal rights in greater detail.


As with any legal claim, there is a strict time limit to file a lawsuit after an aviation accident. A wrongful death claim must be generally filed within one year of the accident. However, some claims involving government agencies may allow only six months to give notice of your claim. Contact a plane crash lawyer immediately when you’ve been affected by an aviation accident to make sure you don’t lose your rights.

Aviation Accident Lawyers

The aviation accident attorneys at My Rights Law help victims (including families of the victims) get justice and compensation in aviation accident claims. Most cases stemming from aviation accidents are handled on a contingency fee basis, so attorney’s fees are not due unless you obtain a recovery in your claim or lawsuit. We strive to get you and your family maximum financial compensation in your aviation accident case. Do not make the mistake of hiring just any law firm to take on this type of matter. Call My Rights Law’s aviation accident lawyers. To speak with My Rights Law skilled personal injury attorneys regarding an aviation accident that injured you or has injured or claimed the life of your loved one, call (888) 702-8882 or contact us online.

Aviation Accident Lawyer FAQ

What Should I Do If My Loved One Was Killed In An Aviation Accident?

If your loved one is one of the aviation crash victims in the US, then to protect the value of your aviation accident lawsuit or wrongful death lawsuit, it makes sense for you to promptly get a free consultation with qualified aviation accident attorneys. A case evaluation with a knowledgeable aviation accident lawyer allows you to gauge your legal options. My Rights Law is a personal injury law firm whose objective is to help victims (including the families of aviation accident victims) with obtaining compensation and justice. Our law firm is ready to handle your case when you need us.

How Can An Aviation Crash Lawyer Help My Family And Me?

An experienced aviation accident lawyer, or a personal injury attorney who is experienced with aviation accident cases, can help clients and their families get financial compensation from those who are to blame for the incidents. Because accident lawyers know a lot about aviation accident law – which encompasses both state and federal law – and they bring aviation accident cases on behalf of victims, they are well-versed in the legal system and how to negotiate with defendants and their insurance companies. Remember that insurance companies have experienced aviation accident lawyers representing airlines and other defendants when it comes to aviation crashes and other airplane accidents. To gain ground, you will want a firm of skilled injury lawyers who are ready to stand up to the insurance company in your airplane accident case.

A free initial consultation with an accident attorney will enable you to establish whether you have a viable aviation case and how you should proceed. The attorneys at My Rights Law know about complex aviation accident laws. The firm provides its clients with a free consultation to help them understand their legal options. My Rights Law is among the highly regarded law firms. Our firm treats clients like family. We take the attorney client relationship seriously. Our aviation accident lawyers do everything in our power to help every one of our injured crash victims in getting compensation and justice for falling victim to an aviation wreck.

Terminology Of Aviation Accidents

Aviation accidents are often referred to as plane crashes, plane accidents, airline accidents, airplane crashes, aviation accidents, helicopter accidents, and aviation wrecks. While a host of things can result in these crashes, incidents often result from the airplane itself (e.g., engine failure) or human error (e.g., negligent piloting, bad air traffic control; bad mechanics). In fact, pilot error partially accounts for roughly 88 percent of chartered plane crashes, according to NTSB, a United States government agency that investigates transportation accidents. It is considered safer to fly in a commercial aircraft than a private plane, given the higher rate of crashes with smaller planes.

Moreover, helicopter crashes occur more often than you might think. A helicopter crash could result from human error (the helicopter pilot misjudges their distance from a building or tree; the helicopter fleet fails to perform their duties). Helicopter accidents can be just as deadly as airplane crashes. Helicopter crash attorneys help injured clients recover against a bad helicopter pilot and their company or employer.

Typically, aviation accidents result in death or result in victims suffering serious injuries (e.g., head injuries, broken bones, back injuries, spinal cord injuries), which could result in death. Many victims die on impact or via transport to the hospital (road or air ambulance). Personal injury lawyers represent victims or the families and loved ones of those victims with legal action against those who are at fault.

What Kind Of Damages Can Aviation Accident Lawyers Help The Victim’s Family Get For Bringing A Lawsuit?

By having a qualified lawyer represent you (the family member) in a potential airplane accident lawsuit, you could get various types of economic damages which can cover things like medical bills that the victim incurred because of the accident; financial support, and benefits that you would have received from the victim if they were alive; financial compensation for the loss of services that the victim provided; and coverage for funeral and burial costs. Non-economic damages are also potentially available to you for the loss of the victim’s care, love, and companionship. Aviation cases could be worth millions of dollars in damages for this reason.

Oftentimes, the insurance company who insures the defendant might engage in a series of settlement offers that could involve big sums as aviation claims often involve fatalities or life-threatening injuries. Aviation attorneys should know how to successfully negotiate with an insurance company to get your family the compensation it deserves. Aviation accident attorneys will demand fair treatment of you from any insurance companies involved in your case.

Call The Aviation Accident Attorneys From My Rights Law For A Plane Crash

If you or one of your family members has sustained severe injuries because of an aviation crash, then touch base with an aviation accident attorney who specifically knows about state and federal aviation accident laws, who offers free consultations, and who knows what it takes to prevail in these claims. A free consultation with an aviation accident attorney can enable plane crash victims and their families to know what their legal options are and how to get compensation. Each aviation accident lawsuit is different, so it is important for you to discuss your specific situation with counsel to determine whether your claim is viable.

Aviation Crash Attorney

If you have been injured in an airplane crash or you have lost a loved one in an aviation accident, you should contact a lawyer with experience in personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death claims. The attorneys at My Rights Law are knowledgeable about aviation law and adept at bringing personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death claims. We understand the unique type of devastation and grief that families experience following the unexpected, potentially preventable death of a loved one due to pilot error or other negligence. While no measures we can take would ease that pain, we want to try to help you to get the compensation that you deserve to relieve some of the financial stress caused by your loss. Remember that your state’s laws limit your time to bring suit. Get in touch with My Rights Law at phone number (888) 702-8882, or by contacting us through our secure web form to discuss your options with a compassionate, experienced personal injury attorney.

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