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Scooter Accident Attorney

Do you need an attorney who can aggressively represent your interests in a scooter accident case?

A scooter was considered just a kid’s toy not that long ago. Today, however, electric scooters are well-known as a healthy, fun, and environmentally friendly way to get around the downtown areas of many cities. Some cities even have groups of electric scooters sitting around on street corners, waiting for riders to check out a scooter on their smartphone app for a quick ride around town.

Because of the increased use of e-scooters, more accidents have occurred. Many riders wonder about what they could do if someone caused their injuries or damages. Here’s more on bringing a personal injury lawsuit and what you could do if you have been injured by someone’s negligence.

Bringing In An Scooter Accident Lawyer To Fight On Your Behalf

Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit is not a decision that you should take lightly. If you have suffered injuries, damages, or losses on an electric scooter due to someone’s negligence, then you will want a dedicated personal injury attorney in your corner to help ensure that you get paid and that you get justice from the wrongdoer. The motor vehicle accident lawyers at My Rights Law focus on protecting victims’ rights in personal injury cases. Our knowledgeable attorneys are ready to go to bat for you. If you are injured in an e-scooter accident, then call (888) 702-8882 or contact us by filling out our secure web form for a free consultation.

What Is An Electric Scooter?

A motorized scooter is a two-wheeled device with handlebars, a flat floorboard for the rider to stand on, and a motor, which is usually electric. It also usually includes scooters that have a seat kept out of the way when the rider is standing.

There are many things about electric scooters that make them welcome additions to the transportation options available in a city. Unlike cars, the electric motors on scooters don’t burn gasoline, they don’t emit exhaust fumes, and small scooters don’t take up much space on crowded roads and highways. And while scooter parking can be an annoyance on some crowded sidewalks, at least the scooters don’t occupy any of the limited parking spaces for cars in the city.

Sometimes, though, for governments, insurance companies, and even some pedestrians and drivers, those zippy little scooters can create issues that make them less welcome in town. If they aren’t operated safely and carefully, for one thing, they can be risky to the rider and any other people in the area that may be involved in a pedestrian collision with an e-scooter. In addition, these relatively slow little two-wheelers can get in the way of car drivers on busy downtown streets. And no matter how you feel about e-scooters, they do take up space on public sidewalks when they are awaiting a new rider.

Scooter Rules And Regulations

Some states have laws covering the use of e-scooters generally throughout the state. Local cities and counties may implement additional regulations as long as they don’t conflict with the state’s laws, so you will have to check the regulations where you are. It’s important to educate yourself on the rules of the road before you ride.

No Registration Or Insurance Required In Some States

In some states, a motorized scooter does not need to have state registration and a license plate to operate on the city streets, nor does it need to have proof of insurance coverage or financial security, unlike a motor vehicle. However, in those states, while scooter riders don’t need to have a special driver’s license to operate an e-scooter, they do need to be licensed drivers with a state-issued license or instructional permit to operate a vehicle.


In some states, operators of motorized scooters who are minors are required by law to wear a helmet while riding. Adults can choose whether to wear one.

Strictly Solo Riding

Some states also forbid having a passenger on board a motorized scooter – meaning only the driver may occupy the scooter. There are also laws that forbid the driver from carrying any package or bag that would keep the rider from having one hand always holding onto the handlebars.

Same Substance Use Laws Apply

Just as with operating a car or motorcycle, some states have laws that hold that it is unlawful to operate an e-scooter under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In these states, similar to a driver who has been stopped under suspicion of DUI, police officers have the right to request a chemical test of the rider’s breath or blood, which the rider must supply if requested. Punishment for violation of the law may result in fines.

Scooter Safety

While in most states, helmets are only mandatory for e-scooter riders who are minors, the truth is that helmets are an important scooter safety feature for all riders. Indeed, scooters can be dangerous even if they’re not in motion. For example, improperly parked scooters can be a hazard if they are left in or near a doorway or blocking the movement of a door to a building, or if a scooter has fallen and lies across a sidewalk near the crosswalk. If pedestrians do not see the scooter handle, then it could cause someone to trip into traffic on a busy street.

Common Scooter Injuries

Because scooters are close to the ground, they can be knocked off balance fairly easily by a crack or hole in the road surface or debris in the way of the scooter’s tire. Some common injuries from an electric scooter accident include head and face injuries, as well as hand, wrist, and arm injuries from when a rider thrusts out an arm to try to catch themselves while crashing.

Claims For Scooter Accident Injuries: Who Is To Blame For An E-Scooter Accident?

The cause of a scooter accident could be the fault of the rider, the road, a driver, a pedestrian, a biker, another scooter rider, the weather, or some combination of these and other factors. Some scooter accidents are caused by a defective part, such as a malfunctioning brake pad or a brake lever that falls off when the rider needs it, a wheel that comes loose, or some other dangerous mechanical failure. If the company that made that part erred in how they designed it, manufactured it, advertised it, and/or sold it for use on the scooter, they could be found responsible for causing the accident.

It is also possible that the road has a dangerous and unmarked flaw that contributed to the accident. In that case, a claim against the government may also be part of the lawsuit.

What Are Your Damages?

In law, “damages” refers to the money that you receive in compensation for your injuries and losses. The medical expenses and costs of treatment and care are some examples of “economic damages” that you can get in an injury case. Lost wages and damage to property, like clothes or shoes, for instance, are also economic damages.

Things that you feel and personally deal with, like pain and suffering from your injuries, as well as worries and anxieties about your recovery and other psychological issues, are called “non-economic damages.” These damages are an important part of an injury case because they help compensate you for the mental suffering that you go through with an injury.

There is a third type, “punitive damages,” that isn’t used very often in scooter accidents and other personal injury cases, mostly because it requires proof that the person who caused the injuries acted out of malice, fraud, or similarly bad intent. Since most accidents are caused negligently rather than intentionally, punitive damages usually aren’t available.


Every legal claim has a time limit on when you can bring a lawsuit after an accident, called “statutes of limitations.” Act quickly to get a lawyer working on your case when you or a loved one have been injured in a scooter accident.

What Can I Do If I Was Injured In An Electric Scooter Accident?

If you are sadly one of the electric scooter crash victims, then to learn more about your potential electric scooter accident lawsuit, you should immediately schedule a free consultation with one or more electric scooter accident attorneys. A case evaluation with a knowledgeable bike lawyer allows an individual to know whether they have a viable case and what they should do next. My Rights Law is a highly regarded personal injury law firm that is focused on helping injured electric scooter accident victims obtain compensation and justice. Our office is ready to consult with you concerning your e-scooter accident case. To learn more, call (888) 702-8882 or contact us through our secure web form for a free consultation.

Electric Scooter Accident Lawyers FAQ

How Can An Electric Scooter Crash Lawyer Help Me?

An experienced electric scooter accident lawyer, or a personal injury lawyer who is well-versed in the field of e-scooter accident cases, can help injured clients obtain considerable recoveries from those people who are legally responsible for causing those injuries. Since accident lawyers know about laws relating to electric scooter accidents, and they routinely bring electric scooter accident lawsuits on behalf of injured victims, they know a lot about the legal system and how to negotiate with defendants and their insurance companies.

Critically, insurance companies, who are typically involved in these cases, retain experienced accident lawyers to represent them when it comes to electric scooter crashes and other motor vehicle accidents. You will need a firm of dedicated electric scooter accident injury lawyers who will stand up to the insurance companies’ team of lawyers and who will fight on your behalf to get you paid.

A free consultation with an electric scooter accident attorney will allow you to gain clarity as to whether you have a viable electric scooter accident claim and what you should do throughout the legal process. The accident attorneys at My Rights Law happen to be keen on complex electric scooter and motor vehicle accident laws. The firm provides clients with a free consultation which helps them understand their legal options.

My Rights Law is a well-respected law firm. Our firm treats clients like family and takes the attorney client relationship very seriously. Our electric scooter accident lawyers fight hard for the purpose of helping ensure that each of our clients is treated with care and gets the compensation they deserve for falling victim to a horrible electric scooter wreck caused by dangerous or defective bikes or because of a careless person.

Electric Scooter Accidents

Electric scooter accidents are also known as electric scooter wrecks, electric scooter crashes, and motor vehicle accidents. They could involve popular electric scooters as well as electric bikes (e.g., Lime electric bikes). Electric scooters and bikes have risen substantially in popularity, and their increased presence increases the risk of scooter operators facing accidents.

Sometimes, an electric scooter accident involves a vehicle colliding with – or crashing into – the scooter, which could be deemed a motor vehicle collision. However, it could be a man, woman or child, or an animal, bird, or structure that strikes the e-scooter, causing an injury. Scooters might face road hazards or debris that cause injuries. Unique to these types of vehicles is that they are closer to pedestrians than cars. So, pedestrian traffic accidents occur frequently with those traveling on their scooters and bikes. Scooter malfunctions also account for some of these injuries, making the scooter company potentially liable for the scooter rider’s injuries.

E-scooter accident victims might suffer serious injuries (e.g., permanent back injuries, brain injuries). Electric scooter accident attorneys represent injury victims in lawsuits against those who cause their injuries, damages, and losses.

What Kind Of Compensation Can Electric Scooter Crash Victims Get?

By having a knowledgeable electric scooter accident lawyer representing you in your electric scooter crash case, you could get different types of compensation to address your injuries, damages, and losses. This includes medical expenses (including inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment relating to your injury), lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Some cases could be worth millions of dollars if the victim is permanently injured (e.g., paralyzed) or has been killed. Even clients’ cases involving less serious injuries could be worth a lot of money depending on the circumstances.

Generally, the insurance company who insures the defendant (the potentially at fault party) in an insurance claim offers little money initially to resolve the matter, but settlement offers can drastically increase as cases head towards trial – especially in cases of bad electric scooter wrecks in which the defendant appears to be clearly negligent and where permanent injuries are sustained by the victim. Electric scooter accident lawyers should know how to successfully negotiate with insurance companies to get the most from their liability insurance or other policies. They should demand fair treatment of their clients at all times by insurance companies.

If You Are An Injured Victim, It Is Wise To Consult With An Electric Scooter Accident Lawyer

If you or one of your family members have incurred injuries because of an electric scooter crash, you should get in touch with an attorney who knows electric scooter accident laws, who offers consultations, and who fights hard on behalf of their clients to help obtain meaningful resolutions. A free consultation with an e-scooter or e bike attorney can enable victims to know where they stand and what direction to take legally. It makes sense to have a professional’s guidance during this difficult time.

The electric scooter accident attorneys at My Rights Law are devoted to helping injured electric scooter accident clients and their families get the best outcomes for their matters. With your consultation, we will prudently evaluate your case – including a review of your injuries, the police report, the e-scooter user agreement, and other evidence for validation purposes – and advise you on your options. Remember that most individuals’ cases are taken on a contingency fee basis meaning that our electric scooter accident attorneys don’t charge attorney’s fees unless you obtain a recovery (e.g., settlement, judgment). Don’t hire just any law firm to resolve your issue if you have been involved in a tragic electric scooter accident. In order to get help from My Rights Law’s accomplished e-scooter accident attorneys, call (888) 702-8882, or contact us by submitting our secure web form.

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