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When you’re a parent, watching your child fall to the ground and hit their head can cause the time to stand still until you can confirm that they are okay. Even if they first appear to be fine, there is a chance that the impact to their head could result in a concussion, among other things. But concussions don’t just happen with children, as we all know. Also, a concussion might not stem from the concussed person’s carelessness but instead from the negligent or reckless actions of another person. Let’s take a closer look at concussion symptoms and causes and the legal options that you may have if your concussion was someone’s fault.

My Rights Law – Experienced Concussion Lawyers

Suffered a concussion because of another person’s negligence? If so, it makes sense to promptly contact a lawyer who is well-versed in bringing concussion claims. The serious injuries lawyers at My Rights Law are here to provide you with guidance and direction in this respect. Among other things, we will help you understand who is potentially at fault, what your legal options are, and what strategy to pursue to obtain the compensation that you deserve. Get in touch with My Rights Law by calling (888) 702-8882 or filling out our secure web form for a free consultation.

What Is A Concussion?

A concussion is an injury to the brain that is often called a “closed head injury” or “traumatic brain injury.” Concussions can be mild and produce temporary symptoms, or they can be severe, causing long-lasting or permanent symptoms that can be quite serious and debilitating. Although most concussions do not make you pass out, severe concussions might cause you to briefly lose consciousness.

Our brains are very fragile, having a soft, gelatinous consistency. Because of their fragility, our brains are protected both by a hard skull bone and by a layer of cushioning fluid called cerebrospinal fluid beneath the skull. When our heads are hit or violently shaken, our brains can slosh around inside of our skulls, moving the fluid around and hitting the inside of the bony skull. This can cause damage to our brain cells and structure. This type of injury to the brain might also cause your brain to swell or trigger bleeding inside and around the brain.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Concussion?

As with most other traumatic brain injuries, suffering from a concussion can cause a multitude of physical, sensory, and psychological or emotional symptoms. The number and type of symptoms you experience may depend upon how the accident occurred and how severe of a concussion you have. The symptoms of a concussion can include any of the following:

  • Headache
  • Amnesia, often regarding the incident that caused the concussion
  • Confusion
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Tiredness
  • Vision problems, such as blurry vision, tunnel vision, sensitivity to light, or “seeing stars”
  • Dizziness
  • Changed speech patterns, such as choppy or slurred speech
  • Personality changes
  • Irritability
  • Inability to sleep
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Loss of balance
  • Inability to walk properly
  • Seizures (in severe concussion cases)

Most of the time, the above symptoms are temporary and may only last for a few days or weeks. However, with severe concussions, some of these symptoms can last for many months and affect a person’s life significantly.

What Are The Common Causes Of Concussions?

Most of the time, a concussion is caused by a blow to the head. Less commonly, a concussion may be caused by the violent shaking back and forth of the head, neck, hand or upper body, like you might experience in a car accident. Here are some of the common causes of concussions:

  • Striking your head on a hard surface after a trip, slip, or fall. This is one of the most common causes of concussion. Young children and the elderly are more prone to falls, so those age groups report a higher number of concussions due to falls than do people between those ages.
  • Participating in sports. If you fail to take proper safety precautions, sports with a high level of physical contact may result in a concussion. Even if you wear a helmet, though, you could suffer a concussion if the force of the impact is hard enough.
  • Being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Even a minor fender bender in which damage to the vehicles is relatively small could cause a concussion if you happen to hit your head in the right way. Also, if you are riding a bicycle or walking along the road, being struck by a vehicle can result in a severe concussion or even death.
  • Engaging in combat. Soldiers are at risk of concussion while involved in combat, particularly if they are injured in some kind of explosion.
  • Physical abuse. Domestic violence may result in a concussion for the person who is abused. Babies who have been violently shaken are particularly vulnerable to concussions.

What Types Of Accidents Cause Concussions?

Often, people may be injured in accidents involving blows to the head that can cause severe concussions or traumatic brain injuries. As concussion injury lawyers, we most often see that the following accidents cause concussions for our clients:

  • Car accidents
  • Long-haul truck accidents involving tractor trailers
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Pedestrians being struck by vehicles
  • Slip, trip, and falls due to dangerous conditions on business property

In all of the above incidents, someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or careless behavior might be the cause of the accident and, therefore, the concussion symptoms that you are experiencing. If you have suffered from a serious concussion with symptoms due to the negligence of another person or company, you may want to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you to try to recover the compensation that you deserve.

Concussions In School Sports

Over the last 15 years, the problem of sports-related concussions has become more widely known and understood. Based on the long-term health effects from suffering multiple concussions, both professional and amateur sports have developed concussion protocols that dictate the treatment and rules that are applicable to a player who has suffered one or more concussions.

Unfortunately, it took many years and several large lawsuits to convince the professional leagues and schools around the country to treat concussions seriously. These lawsuits were able to shine a light on the ongoing medical problems players suffer from, including Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), which is a type of brain degeneration caused by multiple brain traumas.

Many children suffer from concussions because they are involved in school sports. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that approximately three million sports-related concussions occur in the U.S. each year. Ranked in order of occurrence, the sports that typically cause the most concussions are the following:

  1. Rugby
  2. Football
  3. Hockey
  4. Soccer
  5. Lacrosse
  6. Wrestling
  7. Basketball
  8. Softball
  9. Baseball

How Much Is My Concussion Case Worth?

Serious concussion cases can be difficult to litigate. Having a lawyer on your side that focuses their practice on concussion and traumatic brain injury cases can go a long way in helping you to receive fair and reasonable compensation for your injuries. It often can be difficult to place a value on concussion cases because the symptoms can be so diverse, and every person experiences them differently. Also, it’s hard to prove an injury like a concussion versus an injury like a broken arm. An experienced attorney would know the best way to fight on your behalf against those who are responsible for causing your concussion.

These are some of the questions that an experienced head injury lawyer may ask to evaluate the damages in your claim:

  • How long did the symptoms from your concussion last, and are any of those symptoms likely to be permanent or long-lasting?
  • Could the long-lasting or permanent symptoms affect your ability to earn a living or to hold any type of substantial, gainful employment?
  • How much are your medical bills? Will you need ongoing treatment, and how much will that treatment likely cost?
  • Do you have past lost wages due to the concussion? Will there be future lost wages?
  • What level of pain and suffering occurred or will continue to happen?

Unlike the other considerations, pain and suffering is difficult to monetize. There is no formula to determine the amount of a person’s pain and suffering. Every case is different, and every injured person is different. This is where the experience of an accomplished concussion lawyer comes into play. An attorney who is knowledgeable about concussion lawsuits in the state may be able to closely predict what amount of compensation for pain and suffering might be possible in your case based on the results of other cases.

Concussion Lawyer FAQ

What Should I Do If Concussed?

If you have been concussed or have experienced a brain injury, then to protect your rights relating to a potential brain injury lawsuit, you should get a free consultation with qualified injury attorneys. A case evaluation with a knowledgeable brain injury lawyer allows you to determine whether to file a suit and how to go about it. My Rights Law is a personal injury law firm that is focused on helping brain injury victims obtain compensation and justice from those who caused their injuries. Our law firm is ready to assist you when you need us.

How Can A Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Assist Me If I Have Been Concussed?

A traumatic brain injury involves serious injuries to the brain and head, including those injuries relating to concussions. A traumatic brain injury lawyer who is experienced with bringing lawsuits over severe brain injuries can help clients obtain compensation from anyone who is legally responsible for causing their injuries. Because traumatic brain injury lawyers often bring lawsuits on behalf of accident victims, they know the legal system and how to successfully negotiate with defendants and their insurance companies. Keep in mind that insurance companies have experienced lawyers defending lawsuits involving brain injuries. Why shouldn’t you have an experienced brain injury lawyer in your corner?

A free consultation with an experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer will enable you to establish whether you have a viable lawsuit and how you should proceed. The attorneys at My Rights Law provide clients with a free consultation to enable them to properly gauge their legal options. My Rights Law is a well-respected law firm – we treat clients like family and value the attorney client relationship. Our attorneys put in a lot of work to help each of our injured clients in getting as much financial compensation and justice as possible.

What Causes A Concussion?

A concussion is caused by a variety of incidents, including bad auto accidents (especially with those people who don’t wear seat belts), intentional or reckless harm (e.g., fights, shaken baby syndrome), high-risk contact sports (including those where you cannot avoid hard falls), and slip and falls. Many traumatic brain injury victims (TBI victims) experience signs. Some signs occur right away, while other signs take time. Those who suffer brain trauma or who have been concussed might experience physical, cognitive, and social trauma. It can interfere with the victim’s sleep patterns and their ability to sleep. Someone who has a mild concussion might experience mood swings, trouble thinking clearly, or difficulty sleeping. But someone who is experiencing post-concussion syndrome, who is repeatedly vomiting, cannot recognize anyone at all, cannot perform everyday tasks, and is going through severe emotional trauma, is likely experiencing something worse and should seek medical care immediately. Remember that people who are suffering the same traumatic brain injuries might not experience the same signs.

What Kind Of Compensation Can I Get For Filing A Lawsuit?

A skilled brain injury lawyer can represent you in your case and help you recover financial damages (compensation) to cover medical expenses (e.g., medical bills), lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. You shouldn’t have to suffer financially for getting medical treatment relating to the injuries that someone else causes you. Some severe brain damage cases, and other traumatic brain injury cases involving extremely serious injuries (e.g., major damage to brain tissue), could be worth millions of dollars. Even cases involving less severe traumatic brain injuries could still be settled for large sums depending on the circumstances. But oftentimes, the insurance company who insures the defendant might offer less money to you at the beginning of a brain injury lawsuit. However, settlement offers can increase as cases move towards trial. With these cases, a lawyer will use expert testimony to prove the case. A brain expert’s findings could heavily impact the defendant’s settlement offer.

It Makes Sense To Call A Brain Injury Attorney If You Have Been Concussed Or Experience A Traumatic Brain Injury

If you or one of your family members suffer traumatic brain injury signs because of someone else, then after turning to a medical professional for immediate medical attention, you should call a dedicated brain injury attorney. A free consultation with an attorney can enable you to know what direction to take from a legal standpoint. The brain injury lawyers at My Rights Law are focused on helping clients get the best resolutions to their situations in a timely manner. With your consultation, we will carefully evaluate your circumstances and advise you on your legal options. Most cases involving traumatic brain injuries are pursued on a contingency fee basis meaning that we do not assess attorney’s fees unless you obtain a recovery in your claim or lawsuit. Don’t risk your case on just any law firm when attempting to recover damages. For a free consultation with My Rights Law, call (888) 702-8882 or contact us through our secure web form.