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Are you being accused of a crime or drunk driving here in Southern California? Whether it be in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside or Orange County, your entire life may change for the worse if criminal or DUI charges are filed against you. It is vital to secure the services of a top SoCal criminal defense attorney or DUI lawyer who has years of experience taking on local prosecutors.

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The criminal defense lawyers at My Rights Law are always prepared to battle anyone that stands in the way of you and justice. Each Southern California criminal defense attorney at our firm understands how frightening it is to have your freedom one moment and have it stripped away the next. With Southern California’s law enforcement focused on crime fighting there will be no leniency. Whether you are guilty or not, they want to achieve a conviction. When choosing a defense attorney, understand that they are one of the most important factors to the outcome of your case.

My Rights Law Southern California is regarded as a premier law firm for its long list of case wins and favorable decisions. Our criminal defense attorneys will fight on your behalf to obtain an acquittal, reduction, or full dismissal of your charges.

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We are the best Southern California criminal defense lawyers to call when you need an airtight defense. Call us today at (855) 910-8422 for a FREE legal consultation.

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The legal team at My Rights Law will work together with you to tell your story and launch an aggressive defense. Take a look at our record of victories if you need proof of what our criminal defense attorneys are capable of. Criminal defense is the specialty of our firm in Southern California, California, including all misdemeanor and felony criminal cases DUI, domestic violence, violent crimes such as murder and manslaughter, arson, assault and battery, weapon offenses, white collar crimes including fraud and embezzlement, sex crimes such as child pornography and child molestation, drug crimes including drug transportation and distribution, hit and run, juvenile crime, probation violations, theft, burglary, robbery and other criminal offenses. Our criminal defense lawyers in Southern California, CA empathize with our clients and never pass any judgment no matter what type of criminal accusations have been made against them. Call our Southern California criminal defense attorney today at (855) 910-8422 for a no-obligation, FREE consultation.

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At a time when prosecutors are working overtime to ensure a guilty verdict against you, having a go-between that will stop you from being crushed by the legal system is essential. The Southern California criminal defense attorneys at My Rights Law know firsthand how the D.A. and police put together cases, and we use this insider knowledge to our clients’ advantage. Differences between an inexperienced and seasoned defense lawyer, like level of skill and and knowledge, could determine whether you will be acquitted or convicted. Many people do not have the best outcome because they hired an attorney with little to no experience in this field of law. Southern California criminal lawyers at our firm will use all of their knowledge to build a solid case and help you leap over legal hurdles. My Rights Law is well-known for having the most committed Southern California criminal defense attorney. Call us now and we’ll show you how we can help.

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The Southern California criminal defense lawyers at My Rights Law believe that anyone who is accused of a crime should have an experienced criminal defense lawyer by his or her side. They will work expeditiously, speak with the D.A. and increase the likelihood charges are never filed against you. Whether you are looking to avoid a conviction for a felony, misdemeanor, DUI or a petty offense, hiring our law firm will give you the best chance for a reduced charge or dismissal of charges. Our aggressive Southern California defense lawyer is affordable and client-focused. Call us today at (855) 910-8422 or fill out the secure form on this page so we can call you to schedule a FREE and confidential consultation with our top-rated Southern California criminal defense lawyer either on the phone or at one of our law offices.

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